Capacity List


  • 1 x Ecoca MT310-750 Lathe (c/w Live Tooling)
  • 1 x Ecoca SJ25 Lathe
  • 1 x Hardinge Talent Lathe
  • 2 x Ecoca SJ20 Lathes (c/w Live Tooling)
  • 1 x XYZ Proturn 410 Lathe
  • 1 x XYZ Proturn 360 Lathe

CNC Turning Capacity:

  • Chucking Work up to 200mm dia.
  • Spindle Bore Sizes up to 90mm


  • 1 x Bridgeport Interact (series 1 mk2)
  • 1 x Bridgeport Interact (series 4 mk2)
  • 3 x Bridgeport 520 Machining Centres
  • 1 x YCM MV76A Machining Centre

CNC Milling Capacity:

  • Up to 500mm cubed
  • 20 Tool Storage
  • Programmable 4th Axis


  • 6 x Colchester Centre Lathes

Manual Turning Capacity:

  • 460mm dia. X 1500mm between centres
  • Machines equipped with DRO
  • Taper Turning


  • 1 x Mostana Heavy Duty Lathe

Large Turning Capacity:

  • Max dia. In gap 1070mm
  • Max length between centres 3000mm
  • Max weight of workpiece 2000kg


  • 7 x Bridgeport Turret Mills
  • 1 x Ajax Turret Mill

Manual Milling Capacity:

  • Up to 1500mm x 300mm Table Size
  • All machines equipped with DRO


Our grinding unit is fully equipped specifically for cylindrical and surface grinding operations. Staffed by experienced and skilled personnel, we can offer facilities for the finish grinding of components and assemblies to customer requirements, also for the re-grinding of machine knives and slitters etc.

Equipped with Jones and Shipman machines, we offer capacities as follows:

Grinding Capacities:

  • Cylindrical External:  Ø250 x 685 long
  • Cylindrical Internal: Ø10 up to Ø200
  • Surface Grinding: 150 x 460 and 200 x 6


  • Various Sawing Capacity
  • Design Capability Using CAD
  • Aberlink Axiom CMM
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Drilling
  • Assembly Work

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