We spesialise in the re-manufacture of all types of machine parts fmaching-martin-and-tayloror the printing and packaging industry.

Our machine shop is open for up to 16 hours per day with emergency hours by arrangement.

Our own transport if available for pickup and delivery.

We can make new parts using your worn or broken parts as a pattern or from your supplied drawings. As a matter of course, we will automatically make CAD drawings of your replacements parts (incorporating any agreed modifications or material upgrade you require).

These will be kept on file so that any future orders may be fulfilled by re-ordering, using the relevant part number.bigdgn32ak51lzj0m8rhu7xfcpsiytob4eq9vw6

Our machine shop is equipped with both manual and CNC machines to cope with emergency one-off’s, and the volume production of high-wear parts for stock.

In addition, we operate a consignment stock service for customers who require maintained stock levels of high-wear parts on a regular basis.

For more information, please contact David Church, Steve Derrick or Mark Heard.

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